Solve 2 Trading Problems At Once – Earn While You Learn!

Copy a 30 year veteran as he trades live, like dozens of other professional traders are right now

Would $6,000 a month (off a $25k account) turn your game around?

Building upon our impressive performance

The recently enhanced and simplified Trading Den has a two simple objectives: To make you $6,000 per month* on average - copying our trades 10 days a month To take the heat off you - buying you the time needed to develop your trading skills

*Based upon a $25,000 recomended account ($10,000 minimum)

The best trading room just got even better...

We listened to our members - 20 year career traders and newer traders alike. We built a brand new platform with 2 trading rooms - each with a specific educational objective. We added live streaming charts and some very unique data feeds and trading tools - so you don't need to buy them until money is no object!

With a simplified trading plan, focus on one market (the S&P E-mini) the formula is simple... 3 Points a Day x 10 Days per Month x 4 Contracts = $6,000

Listen to a few members who have taken part in this adventure

No other trading room gets close to the benefits of the Den

  • Trade Signals

    Watch over Simon’s shoulder and copy the trades as he targets that $6,000 per unit per month

  • Streaming Charts

    You don’t even need your own charts as our’s stream in real time to your browser on a PC, Mac or iPad

  • Risk Management

    Keep risk per trade small and sidestep the worst losing days by following our time proven rules

  • Trade Management

    Members report that watching professionals manage trades, turns them into professionals too!

  • Benchmark Progress

    Hone your execution skills and monitor improvement by comparing your fills to our official trade log

  • Training

    Bonus monthly videos contribute to your ongoing trading education – learn our time proven strategies

  • Brokerage Referral

    We can introduce you to the best firm and best execution platform, saving you money and frustration

  • Autopilot Execution

    If you are unable to trade during the day, let one of our most experienced  members do it for you!

Top trading coach Simon Townshend brings you The Trading Den

Membership of the Den is not static, you’ll have a career path too!

Experience over many years has shown that traders progress best when they apply themselves wholeheartedly to a small number of tasks and perfect these before taking on new ones.  Juggling too many balls at once tends to end badly.  So leave that outcome for the masses and follow the successful path proven by the Den members before you!

Pre-requisites for joining and types of membership available

Priceless training – our gift to you for joining the family!

Home StudySo we have dealt with the EARNING side of the equation.  Some Den members want nothing more than access to our trades, to turn their game into a profitable venture after years of struggling alone.

However ultimately you have to LEARN how to become a self-sufficient independent trader, don’t you?  The Trading Den buys you the time you need to study, learn and develop into the trading success that exists within every one of us.

This is exactly what many of our original members have done.  With the heat off and hence the luxury of being able to develop at their own individual pace they have acquired a trading style most suited to each individual.

But now we are introducing a major new benefit of membership.  You can learn our proprietary Trading Den techniques and strategies – the actual signals used in the Den.

Best of all we are making this education available to you as a completely free bonus!

Each month you will receive one of our training modules to study and learn for yourself.

Signal Room Training Modules

The training modules are NOT some general trading course.  They are designed specifically to teach you how the Trading Den trades work and their underlying logic.  These have been developed after 3 years of live trading each day with the original Den members and the numerous webinars that we have run together during this time.

Most of the training is delivered by video for you to study at the time that best suits you.  They are brand new, high definition bespoke productions, not a bunch of rehashed webinar recordings but purpose built into a comprehensive library that takes you from start to finish through all of the intricacies and nuances as well as the raw rules we follow.

Each module typically comprises 2, 3 or 4 separate lessons.  All of the lessons in Module 1 are delivered immediately you join in order to get you started as fast as possible.  The lessons in subsequent modules are released throughout the month in question every week or two depending on how much material you have to study.  E.G. Module 2 comprises 4 lessons so these are delivered one per week throughout month 2.

The dozens and dozens of lessons contained in the full library of training retail at £4,997 – a small price compared to the many years that went into their development and creation.  But as our valued client and friend, as a member of this exclusive trading club – Trading Den members get them for FREE!   A priceless gift from us to you, ensuring you “learn as you earn”.


All of the videos in Module 1 are delivered immediately upon joining. These are to help get you get set up and ready for action as quickly as possible:

  • Setting up and using the Trading Den software and streaming charts
  • How our trade signals work, what you can expect and how to act on them
  • Your start up trading plan for using the trade signals
  • Setting up our charts on MultiCharts and NinjaTrader platforms

The videos that make up Module 2 are designed to get your head orientated correctly for day trading the S&P following our signals in the Den:

  • An overview of short term swing trading in the S&P
  • Our philosophy of scalping and how this should be used in index markets
  • Discipline and the psychology of sticking to a simple trading plan
  • How to benchmark your progress against our official Den trades

Module 3 concentrates on the nature of the markets we operate in today, how they have changed and the implications on the way we work:

  • How the markets have evolved in recent years
  • Realigning our work to the modern world and the impact on timeframes
  • Algo footprints and tools for spying on them!
  • An overview of orderflow signals

No trader can succeed without learning to manage risk and making that his or her top priority.  This is why we have to crack this early in our trading careers in order to ensure we have a long, profitable and happy career in the markets:

  • The multiple dimensions of risk and rules for managing it
  • Risk management principles and rules specific to day trading
  • Markets to trade and markets to be wary of
  • Techniques for gaining and retaining discipline

Exiting a trade and managing a trade while it is underway are skills that are more important than setups and entries, contrary to popular belief.  Therefore we teach these tools and techniques before even thinking about setups and entries:

  • Trade management principles
  • Trade management rules for scalping and rules for swing trading
  • Advanced stop management
  • Dealing with the noise on small timeframes

Targets and other exits complete the training modules in the Signal Room:

  • Identifying targets for exits
  • Execution tactics for targets
  • End of swing signals

Strategy Room Training Modules

At this point in your membership you have already achieved three impotant things:

  • You have learned the most important elements of success in the markets – risk management and trade management, as well as an understanding of modern markets and where a traders edge can be found today.
  • You have learned to follow a straightforward trading plan and gained the discipline to take all of the official trades without wavering. In addition you have benchmarked your results against the rest of us, so you know how accurate your execution has become during this time.
  • You have learned what it feels like to be on the winning side of the game! By pacing yourself, learning the right tools and techniques and developing discipline your profits are also consistent and the heat is off. You have bought yourself all the time in the world to become an expert trader.

With losses and poor performence replaced by profits and consistent performance, coupled with the essential knowledge for long term success, you are now ready to step up a gear and move into the Strategy Room.  Here you will learn trade setups and entries as well as how to grow your business and income in a professional and stressfree manner.


Module 7 shifts up a gear as we start to introduce the strategy side of the business.  We also start planning to grow your business beyond the basic 4 contract trading unit:

  • Introduction to the Strategy Room
  • The advanced trading plan and how to grow your buisness
  • Days of the week and setting the optimum trading schedule
  • Trading around news releases

Module 8 covers how we align our trades to the action the market provides – using the right tools at the right time:

  • The process of determining when to scalp and when to swing trade
  • Price and orderflow swing trade setup & entry
  • Scalp trade setup & entry
  • Volatility compensation for size and use of the VIX

In Module 9 we cover the first 3 orderflow based setups:

  • The ubiquitous FRED trade
  • OBS trade
  • The Ambush trade

In Module 10 we cover the next set of (more complex) orderflow based setups:

  • The MDD trade
  • Last 10 minutes trade
  • Introducing EARL and its derivatives

Module 11 extends the use of orderflow setups by adding certain filters.  These trades are seen less frequently, but with exceptional performance are ones not to be missed:

  • The duplex setup
  • The triple trend reversal
  • Refining your own trading plan

In Module 12 we look at event driven orderflow trading opportunities.  These can be fast paced trades giving immediate follow through and are great for those traders who are quick on the draw:

  • The news trap reversal
  • Truffle hunting
  • Developing your own trading strategy

Autopilot Execution – if you can’t trade yourself or can’t get a seat!

An exciting new alternative is the AutoPilot execution service for the Trading Den trades.  We have teemed up with a professional brokerage firm based in the Chicago Board of Trade to offer the Den trades as a “done for you service”.  Their Director is a long time friend of Simon and was also one of the very first traders in the Den himself!  So he has first hand experience of executing these trades and has trained his brokers to do it for you.

The AutoPilot service operates by having one of the firm’s brokers log into the Signal Room each day on your behalf.  He will monitor the signals throughout the day and take them for you in your account.  You sit back and do nothing!

There are three reasons why you might prefer to go the AutoPilot route…

You are unable to trade intraday yourself...

We understand that not everyone is able to trade during the day. Before making that step to full time trading you may be faced with this catch 22 - Until your trading is consistently profitable you can't afford to go full time. Yet until you are able to trade during the day, it is incredibly difficult to become consistently profitable!

With the AutoPilot service help is at hand! You effectively outsource the work to one of our approved AutoPilot brokers and let him do it for you each day without any interruption to your normal daily routine. Sweet eh?

Your availability might not match our days...

We trade at specific times and to a well planned schedule of days throughout the year. In order to match our results you need to be able to trade with us at these times. It is important for you to be able to match our dates and times.

The results of individual trades are not linear, but distributed over a wide range of outcomes. By missing some of our trading sessions you run the risk of missing some of the big winning days, and inadvertantly skewing your overall profits. Even if all days were identical, missing some would reduce your annual profits.

There are no vacant seats in the Den...

If there isn't currently a seat available for you to trade with us in the Den yourself, you might like to use AutoPilot.

This allows you to participate in the trades and earn some money, while waiting for a place to become vacant to join as a member yourself. See below for details of the Signal Room capacity and how the waiting list operates.

Please note that the AutoPilot service provides additional capacity beyond the number of members that we are able to support directly inside the Den.  Consequently it is a signal service only and does not provide access to the Trading Den rooms or training modules.  We are also unable to provide support directly to those on the AutoPilot service.  Clients should address any support questions directly to their nominated broker with whom we have direct contact throughout each trading day.

Checklist before applying for a seat in the Trading Den

  • A minimum of 6 months trading experience?
  • Discipline to follow the system and take the trades?
  • Available to trade on scheduled days?
  • A stable broadband connection?
  • Able to allocate trading capital ($25k minimum)?
  • Afford our modest fee (less than 1 tick per day)?
  • Commited to learning professional trading?
  • Trading your own independent funds?

$1,000,000 a year – that’s what this little secret is worth!

secretOnly you can decide if the time is right for you to take your trading to the next level and start enjoying the regular profits that Den members have been pocketing over the years. This may sound like a stupid statement.  Who wouldn’t want to start banking regular income from the markets?

Surprisingly a lot of traders just aren’t ready to become successful!

We have seen plenty over the years who think they want to be profitable.  But then they fail to follow the simplest of plans.  How difficult is it to place 2 or 3 trades a day when they are called out in the Den?  Seriously we couldn’t make our trades simpler to follow!

Sadly, these traders don’t actually want to be profitable!  They want to be right.

These are very different things to be striving for.  Successful traders have all learned that being right isn’t the path to profits.  The markets will do what the markets will do, whether we think that is the right direction or not.  The only question is who is on the winning side and who is on the losing side?

Freedom mediumBeing profitable comes from aligning ourselves with the direction the market wants to move in.  Maybe that is the direction we think is right, maybe it is the  direction we think is wrong and is totally dumb!

Trying to predict where a market should be moving to is far less important than learning to react to what the market actually does.  That is what successful traders do and that is where trading profits come from.

The good news is that much of the time the market will actually tell you what it wants to do next, so you don’t have to guess.  You just have to learn the right language so you can listen to what it is telling you – that is what you will gain from our extensive training.  You will learn the language of the market!

So our question is – “Are you ready to stop being right and to start being profitable?”

The $1,000,000 question – are you ready to Earn as you Learn?

Historically membership has been limited to 20 people.  However by providing you with these fool-proof step by step training modules, we are able to open up a few additional seats in the Den.  Because the training videos answer all of your questions.

But, this doesn’t mean there is room for hundreds of people.  The Den is not like those crazy trading rooms full of hundreds of no-hopers.  Quite the opposite in fact.  This is a very exclusive place for a small number of very serious traders.

So although giving you this amazing free bonus will make it possible to work with a few more people than previously – there are still only 30 seats up for grabs.  That’s it.  Once they are taken we are full again and anyone else will need to go on the waiting list until such time as someone flies the nest and frees up a place.

Take actionIts no secret that for more than half of the time the Den has been running, we have been closed to new members.  That’s a fact.  A lot of people have asked to join and gone away disappointed.

So sadly, although we are prepared to increase the seats to 30, once they are taken the “Closed” sign goes up over the door again.  People on the waiting list will be offered the next seat that becomes free on a first come first served basis – assuming one does become vacant eventually of course!

So if you are serious about taking your trading to the next level, please don’t hang around thinking about it.  Successful people are all action takers.  If you intend to be successful in your trading – take action without delay.  If one of our places is available, grab it quickly and we look forward to starting work with you immediately!