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As an ex-operational risk manager at Morgan Stanley… I admire the work of Simon and Aldo and decided to take the Den Alerts.

The results have been, well, excellent! I track all my results… and I’ve taken probably 90% of the alerts.

I typically risk about 1% of my capital on a trade and have made on the ERS signals about 30% since March 2015, Futures position trades: 11% and the currencies trades, I’ve only been taking them for a month and in that month I’ve made 3%… so really exceptional results, good percentage returns, short periods of drawdown, you recover to new equity highs very quickly. I couldn’t be happier with the service.

Nick, former executive director
Morgan Stanley, London
Jerry West, part time trader

The real proof is in successful trading. During this last week I had one 6A trade that yielded 139 ticks, another 6A with 220 ticks and a 6B trade for 247 ticks. Now that is what I call successful trading.  

Since I began trading Forex with you my account has increased 170%.  That is pretty good for so short a time, and it was a big account to start with!

I can recommend Aldo Lagrutta to novice or experienced traders.  He can help them all!

Jerry West, part time trader
San Francisco

The alert service is very good because it is not just generated by computer algorithms… just saying a blank buy or sell. There’s analysis involved, human analysis, which are the skills of Aldo, the skills of Simon based on many years of trading.

That’s quite unique to have a service like that so I thoroughly recommend it. The timings of the alerts are very good as well. The alerts are timed so that you can then place the trades on time.

Thank you Aldo, Thank you Simon!

Bobby, serial entrepreneur
MJ, part time trader

“Simon’s trading is the “real deal” and one of few showing his actual trading results. No hype, no long-winded dribble about economic reports and political goings-on…just trading signals based upon his ability to read supply and demand from the charts.

As the advert used to say, “No muss, no fuss.” Profitable trades resulting in the equity curve rising lower left to upper right. And that’s the only result I need! Thanks, Simon! I’m profitably glad to be one of your trading friends.”

MJ, part time trader

“I have been trading the futures markets for the past 12 years with a varying degree of success and failures. I had even tried the computerized systems at one point. It was not until meeting Simon that I have begun to gain a real feel for what moves the markets.

I started with the SIR trades that preceded the Trading Den, and have been with the Den since it opened. I have been very pleased with the results. Simon has been a very capable and willing teacher. I feel that this is the best thing I have ever done to progress my trading abilities and profits.”

Ken, full time trader
Larry, part time trader

Simon is the best of the best. Smart as can be and exceedingly productive - I just can't believe the amount of stuff he accomplishes at highest quality. On top of that he is a pleasure to interact with. I think the world of him.

Larry, part time trader
Los Angeles

“I have been following Simon’s trades since the beginning and it has helped me with my own trades and have added to my bottom line. The signals are timely with entries, stops, and targets clearly designated.

For those traders, beginners and veterans alike, who are looking to diversify their style and make more profits these signals are great.”

Ron, professional trader
George Kleinman, President

I have been trading futures for over 30 years and rarely do testimonials. I will make an exception however for Simon Townshend and his Trading Den.

His approach to the markets is simple yet elegant and will be a profound help to anyone looking for that next profitable trading opportunity.

I cannot recommend Simon highly enough!

George Kleinman, President
Commodity Resource Corp

Just thought I would drop you a quick email expressing my thanks to you and Aldo.

I am doing brilliantly with your methodology and I am averaging in excess of £10,000.00 per month.

Thanks a lot!

Vishal, entrepreneur
Si, technology company executive

“I have been a member of the Den since the start and have watched Simon adjust to the changes in the markets whilst maintaining an impressive equity curve. It has been a pleasure being part of the group and a great opportunity to watch and learn from a professional at work.”

Si, technology company executive

“Normally people want to become a successful trader by buying courses, buying any other kind of trading system, listening to alleged gurus etc. All these things don’t work.

If you want to become a trader and make money on the market the only thing that works is to follow a successful and professional trader, watch and learn as he works live.

Simon is a great trader and his signals can be reproduced. For sure you will become a better trader. You only have to follow. Happy trading.”

Matteo, full time trader
Guillaume, professional market analyst

“I have been a member of Simon's Den since the beginning. I can certify that his track record is genuine, and can be reproduced by serious traders with the right discipline and execution skills.

I strongly recommend Simon’s services, not only because of the healthy profits we can bank month after month, but also because I have learnt a lot from watching over Simon’s shoulders for all this time. Seeing such a talented trader trade live, seeing how he reacts to different market conditions, how he manages his positions, seeing his discipline at work, is invaluable – you could learn a lot from being in the Den and become a much better trader”.

Guillaume, professional market analyst

What can I say……Let me start with 4 words, “Thank you very much.” I can’t believe you’re so helpful and willing to share your wonderful trading logic. People say, it can take up to 10,000 hours of study to master a subject, I’ve doubled that over the last 5 years, and the information you have shared with me, is without question the best information I have ever come across. I’ve completely dedicated my life to trading and I feel very lucky I’ve finally come across such a nice person who is successful and willing to help others.

Mark, forex trader
John, part time trader

I have been a member of Simon's Trading Den since the inception and have witnessed first hand, on a daily basis, Simon's keen abilities trading the futures markets.

The posted results are genuine, as is Simon himself. Finding someone with Simon's skills and integety in the trading arena is like finding a needle in a haystack, and I consider myself very fortunate indeed to have met him and to be trading with him.

Besides the trading profits, the other big benefit to the Trading Den is being able to watch Simon enter, manage and exit trades live. Every day is an enjoyable learning experience that adds greatly to my own trading skills.

John, part time trader
San Francisco

Simon is a passionate financial market professional and provides a wealth of knowledge to the trading industry. I have found both his educational products and financial services to be of high value.

Bryce, financial market professional

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